Colorado Classic Baseball

Official Tournament Rules

Games are played in accordance with National Federation rules (NFHS).

***CCB reserves the right to review any violations of rules by players, coaches, umpires, or spectators. Should a situation present itself where there is not a clearly defined rule, CCB officials will speak with necessary parties to best understand the totality of the situation and make a final determination at our discretion.***

A. Official Scoring and Lineups

  1. Home team’s scorebook is the official scorebook for each game.

    1. Some events may have a designated official keeping score. Concurrently, that would be the official scorebook for that event. 

  2. Designated Hitter and Extra Hitter may be used.

  3. All players who enter a game as a starter or reserve must be listed on the official lineup presented during the pregame meeting with umpires.

    1. Any discrepancies related to substitutions, official lineups, re-entry of players or other related matters will be handled at the discretion of the umpires.

B. Length of Game 

  1. Championship Bracket games have no time limit.

    1. This includes semi-final games.

  2. 2-hour time limit finish the inning for all other games.

    1. Permitted to finish the current inning if time expires.

    2. If a game reaches 2 hours, finish the inning. 

    3. Games can end in a tie.

  3. Games are considered final after 4 innings have been completed.

    1. Any game that is suspended prior to 4 innings being complete, CCB will attempt to finish the game at a later time within the tournament.

C. Ejections and Suspensions

  1. Any fight or brawl that results in umpires suspending the game will result in forfeiture of all tournament games for teams involved.

    1. Teams involved in a fight or brawl will have any prior game results reviewed by CCB officials in order to determine championship seeding as needed. CCB will make final determination and use its best judgment to render fair results.

    2. Teams may still be permitted to play in tournaments as to not disrupt the schedule for other teams they were previously scheduled to play. 

    3. No refunds will be provided.

  2. Ejections result in 1-game suspensions for players and coaches for the following game.

    1. Suspended players and/or coaches seen on field or in the stands during game they are serving suspension could result in forfeiture and suspension of future CCB tournament game(s).

      1. CCB can review ejections and revoke suspensions (at CCB discretion).

      2. CCB has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any ejection.

D. Extra Innings (Within the 2 hour time limit only)

  1. First 2 extra innings are played under California tie-breaker rules (as time limit allows).

    1. California Tie-Breaker

      1. Each team begins their at-bat with a runner on 2nd base and 1 out. Player, who made the final out of the previous at-bat shall be the designated runner to begin the inning on 2nd base. 

  2. If the game has not ended after the first two extra innings are complete, the game can continue under modified California tie-breaker rules (as time limit allows).

    1. Modified California Tie-Breaker

      1. Each team begins their at-bat with a runner on 3nd base and 1 out. Player, who made the final out of the previous at-bat shall be the designated runner to begin the inning on 2nd base. 

E. Mercy Rules

  1. 15-run rule after 3 innings.

  2. 10-run rule after 4 innings.

  3. 8-run rule after 5 innings.

F. Game Play & Miscellaneous

  1. Host teams are always the home team (unless electing to be a visitor).

    1. Some events will have the home and visitor determined by a coin toss.

  2. Participating teams will provide (2) game balls per game.

    1. CCB does NOT provide game balls.

  3. No on-field pregame routines will be taken by either team.

  4. Approved BBCOR bats to be used in games.

    1. Unless the tournament is specified as a wood bat tournament.

      1. Baum bats are acceptable during wood bat tournaments. 

    2. If a player is using an illegal bat, the batter is automatically out and the situation will be reviewed by CCB to determine if further action is needed.

  5. Umpires will have final say on allowance and/or removal of in-game gear, equipment, accessories, and jewelry.

    1. Includes but not limited to bats, gloves, helmets, batting gloves, cleats, sunglasses, etc.

  6. No protesting or challenging game results.


  1. All game results should be reported by the coach via text to 720-552-1288.

  2. Include: Age Level, Team Name, Final Score, Site.

    1. Scores should be reported within 30 minutes of completion of the game.

    2. Unreported scores are recorded as 10-run losses for both teams.

    3. Teams will NOT have championship eligibility with unreported scores.

H. Determining Championship Teams Based on Game Results 

  1. Teams competing in Championship Brackets will be determined by the following tie-breakers based on scores reported:

    1. Head-to-Head Results (when applicable only when teams have identical records and have played one another)

    2. Runs Allowed

    3. Runs Scored

    4. Results versus Common Opponent (when applicable only when teams have identical records, runs allowed, and runs scored)

    5. Coin Toss

  2. In the rare occurrence that CCB is comparing teams with an unequal number of games played for Championship Brackets, teams will be determined based on their equivalent number of games and lowest number of runs given up. (See example)

Team A (3-0)            Team B (2-0)

Game 1: 15-10        Game 1: 12-1

Game 2: 7-2            Game 2: 6-4

Game 3: 2-1

*Team A would be compared to Team B based on their results of Game 2 & 3 since those results had lower runs scored against than Game 1.. 

**In the occurrence of a team losing multiple games due to weather, a team can become ineligible for championship play if determined by CCB as a necessary action to provide that team with consolation games in place of championship play.