This event has a 3 nine inning-game guarantee. Full social media coverage provided with over 2000 scouts and colleges following Five Tool channels online.

$5 per day per site that is running a gate.

Children under 12 and Senior Citizens are free.

3- 9 inning Game Guarantee


Gate Fees

  • $5 per adult. Seniors and 12 and under free.

Game Times/ Limit

  • All games will be 2:15 drop dead.
    • Play as many innings as you can not to exceed 9 in 2:15
    • It is possible a 9 inning game will be completed before the 2:15 time limit


  • Teams may bat as many players as wanted.
    • Please keep the order intact.
  • 3 outs or 7 hitters max per inning
    • No mound visits during the inning to keep the game moving.
  • There are NO run rules with this format. You play as many innings in the time limit as possible not to exceed the 9 inning max

Pitch Counts

  • Pitch Counts and Innings Pitched are at the coaches discretion.  We will not be enforcing any pitching limitations. MLB Pitch Smart Chart Link: Please be responsible. 

Venues/ Social Media Coverage

  • Each venue will have a representative from Five Tool Colorado. This will most likely be one of the social media guys.
    • Full Social Media coverage will be provided (No Game Changer)
    • Scores will not be kept and do not need to be reported.


  • Any ejection will result in a minimum of a 1 game suspension.

In General Rules

  • NFHS Rules in place except for what is listed above.
  • Catchers MUST wear hockey style masks. No skull caps.
  • Teams provide their own baseballs. 2 per game.
  • Coin Flip for home/ away
  • Rosters are due the Wednesday before the event starts.
    • Failure to complete your roster online will affect your social media coverage. 
    • Please login to your account and click on the players tab to edit your roster for the event.
  • In case of weather, we will communicate with the contact listed with your registration.
  • Each venue has its own site specific rules
    • If it is a turf field, no seeds, no gum or metal spikes.
    • Turf shoes or molded cleats are acceptable.
    • Good practice is for players to always have both.
    • Failure to adhere to venue specific rules will result in a fine for the team who violated the rules and immediate removal from the site.